Who We Are ?

Established in 2017 in Perth (Australia), we started with a simple idea to be a one stop shop for celebrities and to negotiate win win outcomes with Filmmakers, Brands, Event organisers and to negotiate the best possible deal for our clients.

We negotiate so that our clients always get treated fairly and professionally. We only associate ourselves with genuine and trusted partners. 

Adapt Associates team has experience working in Australia, UK and the USA. We have team members that have previously worked for Google, Pioneer Credit, Telstra, Curtin University, ICICI Bank. 


What we do

Our team does its due diligence before approaching any actor/model/celebrity. We only approach someone if we are confident, we can contribute to their growth and profit.

Once we onboard a client, we make a professional profile of theirs whereby we do a professional photo and video shoot. Their profiles are sent to various Filmmakers, Brands and Event Organisers.

We provide managers to our clients that accompany them to shoots and events.



Once you become a client of Adapt Associates we handle all your work. We work with any other agency that can find you work and we share commissions with them. We never say no to a deal that is profitable to our clients. 

There are no hidden costs. When we meet our clients we explain everything to them. We only take a commission when our client makes money.

Yes. We have an in-house social media team, PR team that is available to our premium clients.

There is absolutely no problem with a celebrity having their own personal manager. In fact that makes our work much simpler. Having someone you trust is absolutely important
and work with many personal managers and co-ordinate with them.